Weight Integrated and Non Weight Integrated BCDs


Non-Weight Integrated

Sherwood Silhoette

$329.95 Limited Quantities!

Top Choice of Dive Schools and Rental Shops Worldwide. Rugged. Dependable. Durable...

Weight Integrated

Sherwood Axis

$549.95 Limited Quantities!

Comfort. That is what everyone wants in a Buoyancy Compensator. Being comfortable is one of the most essential elements that determines whether or not you have a pleasant diving experience. Achieving and maintaining neutral buoyancy is a necessary skill to be comfortable in the water. Nothing makes your command of this skill easier than the AXIS BC. * Compact back-mount air cell. Great for travel. * Stainless steel D-rings. * Neoprene neckline gives additional comfort. * Two non-releasing trim weight pockets. * System ready for AKONA BC Pro-Kit and QuickClip. There are several upgrade from the previous models. *New webbing allows for smoother shoulder and waist strap adjustments *Newly designed trim weight pockets provide better accessibility and easier trim weight adjustments *New exhaust valves provide refreshing and contemporary look

Sherwood Zodiac+ Weight Integrated BCD Features


The ZODIAC+ BCD has a Rear-Pull Air Dump/Over-Pressure Relief Valve to Quickly-Adjusts and Maintain-Buoyancy throughout Dive. Adjustments for a Perfect Fit are Made-Easy with the Torso Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Adjustable Sternum Strap and Waist Strap with Cummerbund all employing Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckles for Easy-Donning-and-Doffing. Accessory Attachment is made Easy with D-Rings at the Waist. The BCD provides Lift Capacities from 17lbs to 40lbs (7.7kg to 18kg) depending on the Size. Accessory Attachment and Storage are made Easy with Multiple-D-Rings at the Waist along with 2-Large Zipped Pockets designed for Easy Access. The ZODIAC+ has Easy-Load Weight Pockets that accept up to 8 lbs (3.6kg) each. The Weight System consists of 2-Removable Weight Bags that are Easy-to-Ditch when needed.

Zeagle Ranger


The industry standard for rugged design, versatility, and comfort If you want a tough recreational buoyancy system, and also want it to adapt and change to meet your different diving needs, the Ranger is a system you won't outgrow. It’s been at the "top of the charts" for many years.

Zeagle Covert Travel


The lightest and most durable ultra-compact BC on the market Traveling light doesn't mean you have to compromise. The new Covert BC is for those divers counting weight by the ounce and looking for uncompromising quality. Part of the popular and well known Ranger BC lineage, the Covert is for those looking for legendary "Ranger" toughness and durability in a compact travel BC. And at 3.9 lb, you no longer have to worry about travel weight restrictions.

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 Posted on : June 22, 2014