Wetsuit and Dry Suit Accessories


Bare Wet Suit Hood


Bare Elastek Coldwater 7 mm Hood Bibbed hood for cold water wetsuits.

Bare Sealtek Dry Suit Hood


Bare Sealtek 7/5mm Dry Hood, Black for drysuits. 7mm neoprene on the head for maximum heat retention, and 5mm skirt around the face for comfort.


Akona 6.5mm Deluxe Boots


Akona 6.5mm Deluxe Boots for wetsuits and cold water diving and water sports. Zippered boot makes it easy and comfortable to put on and take off.


Akona 5 mm ArmorTex Gloves


Akona 5 mm ArmorTex Gloves, wetsuit / Dry suit cold water gloves. With Kevlar palms and finger tips for extra protection and warmth.

Akona 5 mm Deluxe Gloves


Akona 5 mm Deluxe Gloves, with high quality neoprene rubber  for wetsuits or dry suits

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 Posted on : June 22, 2014