Scuba Equipment Rentals

Pacific Water Sports offers a complete range of Scuba Diving equipment in either individual pieces,

or as a complete package. All rental equipment is serviced and maintained regularly,

and is guaranteed to be trouble free or your next rental is on us!

We want you to enjoy your diving experience, so extra care is always provided to get you

the most suitable equipment!


Individual Equipment Rental Prices

6.5 mm Wetsuit with Hood, Boots, & Gloves…$30.00

Regulator Complete with Octopus, & Gauges…$20.00

Buoyancy Control Device…$17.00

Weight Belt (up to 40 lbs)…$7.00

Tanks (Full of Air)…$17.00

Mask, Snorkel, & Fins (Pkg)…$15.00

Dive Lights…$7.00

Dive Knife…$5.00

Complete Rental Package!

$ 69.95!

6.5 mm Wetsuit with Hood, Boots & Gloves!

Regulator Complete with Octopus & Gauges!

Buoyancy Control Device!

Weight Belt & Weights!

Tank of Air!


Please remember Your Certification Card!

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 Posted on : June 29, 2014