Keep It Performing Properly!

Terry Dunstan of Pacific Water Sports has been servicing and maintaining scuba diving equipment since 1988. He personally goes over each piece of equipment as if it were his own, because properly functioning equipment is essential for your personal safety & enjoyment. All scuba equipment serviced, comes with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee!

Complete Regulator Service


1st & 2nd stage regulator
Alternate air source (OCTOPUS)
Console gauges, and bcd/drysuit hose
 Individual Equipment Service Rates
1st Stage regulator only $ 45.00 ea.
2nd Stage regulator/ octopus $ 20.00 ea.
Console Gauges $ 7.50 ea.
Scuba Cylinder Inspections
Visual Plus and Air Fill $ 24.95 ea.
Hydrostatic Test, with Visual Plus and Air Fill $ 69.95 ea.
Additional Equipment:
Scuba Cylinder Valve Service $ 25.00 ea.
BCD or Drysuit Valve Service $ 25.00 ea.


Regulator & valve servicing includes a complete tear down, cleaning & rebuild of all components and all necessary parts replaced.

 Cost of parts are additional and vary depending on manufacturer and model. Contact us for estimate on parts.

Only dedicated and experienced professionals should work on your Scuba equipment.

Trust Pacific Water Sports for outstanding equipment servicing every time, GUARANTEED!

Certified Technicians ForUS Divers/Aqualung, Scubapro, Atomic, Zeagle, Sherwood, Genesis, Oceanic, Hollis and more!

Airfills…$ 12.00

12 Pack Air Cards…$ 120.00

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 Posted on : June 29, 2014