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Recently I was thinking about why I became a Scuba Diver

As I was recalling why I became a Scuba Diver, I remembered how I felt, how excited I was, how adventurous it seemed and how special it made me feel.

It was many, many years ago now and thousand of ocean dives in several different countries. It’s good to remember things that inspired you and may have changed the course of your life.

While surfing the net I came across this article on the web. I thought it was a good article, it reminded me of days past and figured it was worth a re-blog.  Hope you all enjoy it.


Larry Wedgewood



How I Learnt to Scuba Dive in Malta and Became a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver (aka certified mermaid!)

One of the perks of writing a travel blog is the myriad of travel competitions open to us bloggers. I’ve has my fair bit of luck with these competitions and the latest one included a fantastic prize: the chance to learn to scuba dive on the Mediterranean island of Malta!

So that was how I found myself surrounded by wetsuits, fins, masks, air cylinders, regulators, buoyancy devices recreational dive planners and dive computers on my latest holiday. I had been signed up to a 4-day PADI Open Water Scuba Diving course. Once you complete this PADI course and pass the various exams and underwater tests, then you can safely dive to 18 metres underwater anywhere in the world!

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 Posted on : November 22, 2014
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