Scuba Diving Equipment

We retail a variety of  high quality Scuba, Free-diving and Snorkeling equipment from well know, repeatable, world class manufactures such as, Sherwood, Bare, Zeagle, Aqualung, Suunto and more.

At Pacific Water Sports we are experts in Dive Equipment. With decades of experience in usage, proper selection and fitting, we are here to help you find what you need and are comfortable with.

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Dive Equipment & Equipment Packages

Mask, Snorkels and Fins

Masks, snorkels and fins come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. We suggest you ignore features to start, and get what fits you perfectly and we are here to help personally fit you, we guarantee fit or your money back. We will walk you through everything you need to know to select the right mask, snorkel and fins for you. We suggest specific tested masks that fit different face shapes. Also learn your options, from how many lenses a mask has, mask volume, and the pros and cons of skirt material and colors.

Regulators and BCDs

Choose from a variety and selection of high quality scuba diving regulators, BCD`s and we will personally explain all the ins and outs of the equipment.

This is where we have a great opportunity to pass along some incredible savings on regulator and BDC equipment packages. Our goal is to pass along great savings to our customers, as well as offer end of line clear-outs, promotions and more at the most competitive prices on the Island.

Full Range of Wet Suits and Dry Suits

Both wetsuits and drysuits are used for thermal insulation from coldwater and temperate conditions.

Drysuits offer one significant advantage over wetsuits – they keep you warm out of the water as well as in it because they withstand the cooling effects of the wind.

The major disadvantage of the drysuit however is its cost and the additional training required to use it.

Come on into the shop we will sit down with you go over all the features and benefits and with you evaluate what is right your diving lifestyle and budget.


Gauges and Dive Computers

An dive computer or analog gauge is an essential piece of your diving gear. With a dive computer on your wrist or as a console, or an analog device at your side, dive instrumentation offers a wealth of diving information at a glance.

Today’s technology is about making simple what is complex. Manufactures have made innovations in dive instrumentation to bring you the most convenient and easy-to-use technology possible. Each dive computer features an intuitive interface and standard user-changeable batteries, offering you effortless simplicity. Highly visible back lighting and large easy-to-read faces ensure readability at any depth. And our analog instruments are made to the highest quality and with ease of use in mind.

Reach out to our Instructors for an equipment orientation & consultation

Dive equipment can be confusing and intimidating. Our Instructors are dedicated to help you understanding all equipment options and functionality.

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