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Terry Dunstan, owner of Pacific Water Sports, has been teaching Scuba diving on Vancouver Island since 1989, and has established himself as a favorite in the local dive community. Terry has extensive experience in scuba instruction and commercial diving in both cold, temperate and tropical waters, having worked in Thailand, as well as visiting many tropical destinations.

Terry and his staff has logged thousands of dives, and has taught hundreds, if not thousands of students over the past 30 years, He has a keen eye for detail, and an impeccable work ethic. Terry has also been servicing & maintaining scuba diving equipment since 1988. He personally goes over each piece of equipment as if it were his own, because properly functioning equipment is essential for your personal safety & enjoyment. If you are interested in diving, come on down to Pacific Water Sports, and have a chat with Terry or one of his professional instructors.


Pacific Water Sports are authorized retailers for some of the most well known equipment manufactures in the world.

Our Team

The Pacific Watersports Dive Team has decades of diving experience in both local temperate waters and in tropical oceans as well. They have taught hundreds and hundred of students at all different levels and look forward to working and diving with you.

  • Terry Dunstan PADI Instructor & Owner

    Over 30 years experience in recreational & commercial diving with over 6,000 dives in cold and tropical waters.

  • Derek VanMaanen
    PADI Instructor

    Derek’s been diving since 2009, completing his Instructor certifications at Pacific Water Sports while attending VIU & completing his degree in Environmental Science.

  • Larry Wedgewood
    PADI Course Director

    Over 30 year experience and 10,000 dives in cold, temperate and tropical oceans.

  • Nancy Bremner
    PADI Divemaster

    Certified diver since 2003. Divemaster since 2010 Presently has over 1800 dives 85% being cold water dives.

  • Phil Smith
    PADI Divemaster

    Presently has over 1200 dives, 85% of those dives are cold water dives. Has Technical dive training,

  • Tim Butt
    PADI Instructor

    Tim is a retired from the British Army, qualified as a PADI Instructor in 2011, He has over 13 years experience and over 1500 dives.

Our Mission

We are passionate about scuba diving that is fun, informative and safe.

Our mission is to inspire and motivate people about the aquatic realm and to transform their adventure into a lifetime activity that will educate, energize and protect our oceans.

Expose people to the amazing diversity of marine life in both cold and tropical oceans and help them understand the challenges the oceans have worldwide.

Come join us and see the wonders

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